Sliding Miter Saw vs Compound Miter Saw – Which is Best for Your Needs?

Sliding Miter Saw vs Compound Miter Saw 2


You need to handle a large project but don’t know what type of saw to choose: sliding miter saw vs. compound miter saw. This article is for you!

You need to buy a miter saw for your project. However, there are so many miter saw choices that you don’t know which one is right for you. A sliding miter saw or a compound miter saw: which should you choose here?

Sliding miter saws are suitable for cutting wide materials. Compound miter saws are better for cutting thick materials.

If you are having trouble deciding which miter saw to buy, then this article is the answer to your questions.

Sliding Miter Saw vs Compound Miter Saw

Sliding Miter Saw and Compound Miter Saw Overview

We need to understand at least what these two types of saws are before diving into their pros and cons:

Sliding miter saw 

The sliding miter saw is a type of miter saw. It has exits that allow you to slide the blade back and forth across the material to be “sawed.” It can cut large materials that are difficult to handle compound miter saws.

Compound miter saw

This type of saw has more features than standard miter saws. Their blades come with pivoting arms. Therefore, you have more flexibility in adjusting the cutting angle. They can perform cut miter or cut bevel exceptionally simply.

The compound miter saw has no rail design. This saw is suitable for thicker pieces of material. 

Sliding Miter Saw vs. Compound Miter Saw Comparison

Sliding miter saws are suitable for cutting wide materials. Besides, compound miter saws are ideal for cutting thick materials.

Besides, we will point out the main advantages and disadvantages of these two types of saws for customers to have the best decision:

Sliding miter saw

Compound miter saw


Suitable for cutting wide materials

Ideal for cutting thick materials


High price

Take room

Not high price

Save space

Pros and cons of Sliding miter saw vs. Compound miter saw.

Sliding miter saw

Although there are many similarities with the compound miter saw, the sliding saw also has unique features. It is suitable for a particular project.

Sliding Miter Saw vs Compound Miter Saw 1


  • Suitable for cutting wide materials

If you need to cut a large plane, the number 1 choice is constantly sliding miter saws. It is capable of handling all large pieces of material without any hindrance. 

You also do not need to waste time fixing the material before cutting. 

Sliding miter saw is the optimal choice for miter or bevel cutting projects. Therefore, it has very high applicability.


  • High price

A sliding miter saw does more tasks,  so it’s also a bit more expensive. Therefore, you should see what your purpose of the use is regularly to avoid wasting money.

But if you often use it for cutting, then a sliding miter saw will be more worthy.

  • Waste of space

Due to the mechanism of action of sliding miter saws, they always take up more space than compound miter saws. The sliders need more space to slide back and forth, so it takes up more space. Therefore, it is not suitable for narrow spaces.

Compound miter saw

Below are the detailed pros and cons of compound miter saws.

Sliding Miter Saw vs Compound Miter Saw 2


  • Suitable for cutting thick materials

Cutting thick materials is the advantage of a compound miter saw over a sliding miter saw.

You can use one blade size for both of these saws. However, it will be easier for a compound miter saw to cut thicker pieces of wood.

The reason is that the compound miter saw has no rails. You can try 10 inches, or 12 inches saw to see the difference.

Therefore, if you have a project involving fairly thick materials, it is better to use a compound miter saw instead of a sliding miter saw.

  • Save space

As you can see, it doesn’t take up too much space for compound miter saws. So, if your job site doesn’t have a lot of redundant space, you should buy compound miter saws.

  • Not expensive rate

In general, compound miter saws are slightly cheaper than sliding miter saws. However, the difference and price are not too big. Anyway, if you want to save a bit, a compound miter saw is a better choice.


  • Difficulty with wide materials

It is the most significant disadvantage of compound miter saws compared to sliding miter saws.

You will have to mess around a lot if you use compound miter saws to cut those wide pieces of material. Thus, please check what you are going to do before choosing the kind of saw.

Sliding vs. Compound Miter Saw: Which Should You Choose?

It is difficult to give a single correct answer for all situations. As we have analyzed above, the decision is up to you.

Sliding Miter Saw vs Compound Miter Saw 3

The most significant difference in deciding which one to buy is the size of the material they handle best. Hence, you need to check which saw your project is more suitable for.

If you regularly cut large materials, you should buy sliding miter saws.

Conversely, compound miter saws will save your budget and space if your project does not require cutting wide materials. Follow Power Tool Expert Geariz here

Final Thoughts

Indeed you have made your decision by now, right? Check out the applicability of the saw for your project and make the right decision!



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