20 Funny Christmas Gifts Teenage Girls Will Love

Looking for the perfect gift to buy your teen this Christmas? Look no further because we have compiled a list of some seriously cool gifts that are sure be her favorite. Whether it’s an edgy t-shirt or hilarious troll socks, there is truly something here for everyone!

1. Blanket Hoodie

The blanket hoodie is designed to keep your head and hands warm. It features a giant pocket, as well! The cozy garment can be used at home or in various other situations – such as watching TV while lounging on the couch; gaming over book reading before bedtime sleep (or any camping trips). A must have for people who want comfort without compromising quality-this will definitely serve its purpose

2. Couch Guestbook

You know what’s the best way to celebrate all your old school friendships? Hanging out with a couch guestbook. This adorable little Windsong Tavern bar stool will keep track of who was there, when they left and any funny stories that happen while you’re together! You can even rate their stay on report card – let’s hope for good grades this time around 🙂

3. F in Exams

You know that feeling of relief after you finish an exam? Well, this book is full on wrong answers to all those stress-inducing questions. Instead of giving tips and tricks like other test prep books do (we’re looking at YOU “Potatomers”), these pages are chockablock with funny REAL examples from American AND British students who’ve passed their examinations! Just don’t take any leaf out–they’ll thank us later !

4. Mushions

If you need a present for your friend who’s off to university, the perfect thing is an autographed cushion. They’ll love squeezings from their favorite face!

5. A Pizza My Heart Necklace

This delightful deep pan-tastic necklace is the perfect gift for your favorite pizza loving friend. Made with brass, it features not pepperoni but adorable heart shapes to make this piece between friends! The gold fill chain will be sure to suit you well too – just right size and weight so that wearing them feels like putting on an old glove (or eating a delicious slice!).

6. Burrito Blanket Be a Giant Human Burrito

It’s time to wrap up and relax with the burrito blanket. No other blankets will have you feeling quite so warm, especially if they come in a 5-foot diameter like this one! Why not grab another friend? You can even create double layers by filling it yourself – what better way is there than sharing friends responsibilities?

7. Head Case

Well, there’s not a single chance of getting your luggage mixed up with another person’s when you use the FIREBOX Head Case. These custom selfie cases are perfect for travels and always make sure to show off what makes YOU special!

8. Brick Yourself Personalised Mini Figures

There’s always room for one more mini-figure in your life, and now you can get the perfect personalized figure with Brick Yourself. Customize them however best suits yourself from their outfits down to what hobbies they have particular interest or passion in! If it’s just an overall change from average sized figures then go ahead & order up some spots on ours; we’ve got plenty left over after selling all these last minute Christmas gifts 😉

9. Troll Socks

We all have a soft spot for those furry-headed troll dolls from the 90’s. And now, thanks to these fabulous socks with an adorable character on each pair of feet free for everybody else can see!

10. Yellow Gold-Tone Removeable Mouth Grillz Set

The grillz are the new accessory for all your favorite SoundCloud rap artists. Follow these instructions to find out how you can fit them and make yourself cool in front of everyone with this silicone molding bar kit that matches gold tone grills, giving top celebrities their desired look!

11. The Beach Behemoth Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

You can play beachball like you’ve never done before with this gigantic inflatable ball. When Sol Coastal says giant, they mean it! No other balls compare to the size of their 12-foot pole -to–pole behemoth that is waiting for your next windsale adventure in its full glory (and durability).

12. Good At Naps Throw

The best way to celebrate the achievements of teenagers is with a t-shirt that says ‘good at naps’. This stylish design can be worn as bedroom décor or wrapped around yourself when you feel too tired after testing day exams are over!

13. I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats

Whether she has one cat or multiple, this book will make her laugh as the witty poems describe their lovable felines’ thoughts. If you’re looking for a fun way to fill up your day with reading joys then “I Could Pee On This” is perfect!

14. Dog E-Collar Lamp

This pet pooch is the ultimate cute crusher. She’s got a linen lampshade to represent her collar, and she’ll make your daughter laugh every time they see it! This funny dog can be yours if you’re looking for an endearing gift or just want something fun on standby at home – I mean who doesn’t love disasters?

15. The Mountain Fried Egg T-Shirt

The perfect shirt for your sunny side up teenager! This awesome t-shirt features a huge fried egg in all its glory. Available sizes small to 5XL, it’s also great if you want her moody because then the yolks on them

16. Dinosaur Never Forget Asteroid & T-Rex Humor Patch

This cool patch features a picture of the mighty T-Rex with an asteroid flying overhead and “never forget” embroidered underneath. Attaching it is easy – simply iron on anywhere you like, such as for instance: jacket; favorite pair jeans or even school backpack!

17. What’s Your Poo Telling You?

Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside your body? If so, then this book is perfect for YOU! It may sound like we’re talking crap (but who doesn’t love toilets?), but Josh Richman and Anish Sheth have all the fascinating facts right here. Your next trip to the bathroom will certainly make for an interesting read…
-or maybe not?!

18. Fred Stuck Up Bubble Gum Refrigerator Magnets

Use these gross looking chewed-up bubble gum magnets and you’re sure to put any nosy parker off the goods. Available in a variety of flavors, they’ll have your locker or fridge stocked with something delicious for when people try taking advantage by grabbing their items without permission!

19. Takada Collection Face Bank

The Takada Face Bank is one of the more unusual (dare we say creepy?) money banks from their collection. It features a yellow visage, which will eat up your cash through its mouth and then hold on to it until you are ready for access at bottom opening-a la mode!

20. Bread Slippers

These slippers will make your feet feel like they are blocks of cuddly, furry warmth. They’re perfect for people with cold toes!

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